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Pall Mall Barbers

Quality British Barbering for the New York Gentleman, Make Your First Impression Count.

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Best barber in NYC Wholesome grooming


Men’s haircut New York


When did you get your haircut done, and how do you like it? Barbers are savers when something is missing with your personality and physical appearance. So it is always necessary to go to the BEST BARBERS SHOP. It is always your choice and wishes to choose your hairstyle and barber. Barbershops are available at every location, but where your heart is stuck is your barbershop. Your physical appearance provides you the confidence, and your haircut is your confidence. Best mens barber in NYC are always available for their work. Make your hairstyle your identity.




When you have to choose between professionalism and experimenting, we have just a narrow path that is going with a professional and skilled team. Nobody wants to experiment with his or her own body so, from head to toe, everyone wants the best styling. This professionalism needs training, and today we have a lot of institutions that are working for training barbers.Men’s barber shop in NYC are one of them.


Men’s barber shop NYC



• If we talk about the best, it comes out of the training, practicing, and learning. Pall Mall barbers in NYC is a team of professional barbers who work to make their customers happy. 

• Barbers are not just limited to haircutting or shaving. They have grown their business from head to toe. 

• Earlier barbers used to do dressing with haircutting, but now they do wholesome grooming.

• Pall Mall barbers is a team who is working from more than a century to make their customer happy.


Men’s Haircut New York




It is an old saying that "Her hair was a glory of tendrils for the snaring of husbands. We always consider good hair as a positive addition to women's beauty, but if we see men are also curious about their hairs and beards, they always try to choose hairstyle according to trend and what suits them. Today hairstyling for man is widely increasing. Man wants their appearance at best, and that includes their hairstyling. 


For women, beauty parlors are there, and for men, barber shops are there. If you will see, man is always very selective with their barbers. They want their haircut perfect because a wrong cut on the top of their head lowers their confidence to bottom of their feet. Barbershops are found at every corner of the street, but still, man want best, and once they like someone's haircut, they want the same as that.





Best Haircut in NYC barber work by their skills, and they are always working on new hairstyles as wished by their customers. PMB is the best men's barbershop in NYC. This team works for their customers to make them feel competent and confident. They style hairs after an in-deep conversation with their customers to know about best that what they want and then work on that.Barbershops were earlier limited to the haircut and shaving, but now they provide you with a wide range of facilities from hairstyle to grooming. We are not only limited to the hair or shaving Midtown barbers also offer our grooming product collection, hairstyling products, shaving creams, and brushes, etc. and we have gifting option for our customers too.




• Pall Mall barbers are historical barbers who are working from long ago.

• They train handpicked barbers with their signature to provide the best to their customers.

• This team has won many awards and worked as one of the BEST MEN'S BARBER SHOP.

Men’s haircut in New York barber are always working to make their customer feel excellent and confident with their appearance.



• Pall Mall barbers also work as Re-stylist, and this is a long process as barbers at PMB work on various styles, and then they discuss with customers to know about their choice.

• Today hairstyling of man is widely increasing, and we have expert barbers who work with all hard work to provide you the best results.

• PMB has trained barbers who are always working on new hairstyles. They offer you traditional hairstyles also as they are working from more than a century, so they have all the requisite knowledge as their learning process never end.


Best wet shave barber offer you the full range of barbering services from contemporary to classic haircut style. We offer you the best services with our expert and signature trained barbers according to your wishes. Barbers in Midtown services include Haircut, Re-style clippers back and sides, just clippers, just clippers and wash, shave, luxury wet shave, the shaving lesson, hair styling, one grade all over, trimming and shaping, full shaping and shave, friction massage, etc. Get cheap costs offer with Men’s haircut in NYC




Everyone wants a smooth and steady skin service. Similarly, a man also deserves the best products for his skin and personal hygiene like best razor and shaving products, and we also provide you our products which are designed to give a close, classic and comfortable shave to keep the skin smooth and in excellent condition.


Best barbershop In NYC




Best is the only thing everyone wants and everyone deserves the best. Men want their haircut perfect because a wrong cut on the top of their head lowers their confidence to bottom of their feet. PALL MALL BARBES IN NYC  is the solution to your hairstyling question marks. Barbers in Midtown welcomes you to get your best haircut done.  


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The Pall Mall Barbers Story


Since 1896, Pall Mall Barbers have been at the forefront of men’s haircuts and male grooming and have set the agenda for style conscious gentleman for over 122 years in London. To this day, we are driven by our dedication to giving the highest quality experience for our clientele, for each of the 63,196 haircuts we delivered last year.

Our relentless dedication to deepening our knowledge of styling techniques and traditions across the globe have given birth to a world class suite of products and services that combine cutting edge London styling with the very best global male grooming techniques.

This focused approach has led to us becoming the largest and most awarded independent barbering business in London with over 52 haircutting seats and 23 award winning products.


New York Barbershop


A Rich Heritage


A long-established history of providing hairdressing and grooming to gentlemen, our story dates back to London in the 1600s, when the Pall Mall was transformed from an area for croquet-like game played by royalty and nobility into the shopping and hairdressing destination for well-to-do gentlemen from across the capital and world.


As a destination, Pall Mall and St James’ have long held a reputation as home of the best men’s outfitters, barbers, perfumers, and gentlemen’s clubs – frequented by distinguished dandies, politicians, and the upper classes. With such proximity to royal households, many of these businesses are long-standing Royal Warrant holders as suppliers to the royal family.


shaving Midtown


Pall Mall Barbers was originally founded in 1896 as the Pall Mall Toilet Saloon at No. 27 Whitcomb Street, just off London’s iconic Trafalgar Square. Since then, we’ve served countless gentlemen in our 122 years, helping them look their best and make their first impression count.


An inspirational tale


Our owner, Richard Marshall, started working in barbering at the age of 12, sweeping floors and making tea in a barbershop in his hometown. He dropped out of formal education at 15, unable to read or write at the time, and his father encouraged him to find a trade – so he took up barbering as a full-time job. Richard took a qualification in barbering, winning his college competition two years running, as student of the year and winning South of England Championships consecutively – heading to the national finals. This award-winning mentality has driven Richard for his whole career. By the age of 21, Richard had moved to London and started barbering in Mayfair, just off Savile Row, building a loyal clientele and following. At 28, in 2005, he bought the original Pall Mall Barbers store from the previous family owners – growing the business to 6 central London stores and the beginnings of our international expansion.


London barbershop


Barber History


A serendipitous discovery of an old business card for the Pall Mall Toilet Saloon, whilst renovating the original Pall Mall Barbers store, sent Richard on a quest to discover the history behind his new business. A lucky twist of fate landed photos of the original store in Richard’s hands, found by a woman in Australia who had been sorting through a box of family belongings. London’s barber shops have some of the most iconic shop fronts in the world. The red and white striped poles you’ll find outside all our shops date back to the 1500’s. Today we continue to focus on giving you the sharpest haircut possible. We offer the highest level of service with modern styles and a blend of modern and traditional techniques to deliver a unique, unparalleled experience.


NYC Barbers




We exist to empower gentleman to look and feel fantastic in order to take on the challenge of life and achieve their aspirations. Our dedicated team of male grooming professionals have a combined experience of over 450 and we are passionate about developing partnerships with our clientele through a deep understanding of what they are aiming to achieve. Every one of our clients receives a grooming experience that is bespoke to their individual needs.


Commitment to excellence


Pall Mall Barbers operates to exacting standards and has a robust and comprehensive approach to delivering services and developing products and staff to ensure that every grooming experience and product that we develop is of the highest quality. This focused approach has led to us becoming the most awarded independent and the best barbershops in Europe with 23 award winning products and over 10 industry awards across our services and products.


NYC barbers


Global Expansion


As the most highly reviewed barbers in Europe, we’ve set our sights on taking the traditional gentleman’s London barbering experience worldwide and what better place to start than in the Big Apple? New York has long been a part of Richard’s dreams of success – since watching Trading Places in his youth, he’s wanted to have his own barbershop in New York City. We know that the gentlemen of New York will benefit from the attention to detail and expert knowledge and skill that our barbers bring to their work. Every visit to Pall Mall Barbers is a more than just a haircut, it’s a lifestyle choice.



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Pall Mall Barbers – Midtown, New York 

Lower Concourse Level, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City

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Contact Us

Call: +1 212 586 2220
WhatsApp: +1 (646) 877 2602

Finest British Barbering for the New York Gentleman. Book now for the London Barber inspired experience.







Address : Lower Concourse Level, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City , NY 10020, United States



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How to Select the Best barbers in NYC



Barbershops in NYC


The hair is one of the most noticeable parts of a woman, and you need to make sure that your hair is attractive enough wherever you go. It is also one of the main reasons why there are a lot of barbers today that are promising to enhance the looks of your hair immediately. This article was written to help you understand more about a barber, including the importance of the Best barbers in NYC for you and your confidence.


Every girl would want to have guy's heads turn to her whenever she walks, but there are a lot of things that you need to do to achieve this. However, if you have a hairstyle that correctly suits you, you can be assured that the guys will be turning to you whenever you walk past them. The only thing that you need to do is to make sure that you will be going with a reputable Barbershops in NYC, to ensure that you will get the best service possible.


With the help of a proper haircut, you will be able to instantly change the way you look, especially if a professional stylist did it. It is one of the most important things that you need to know about a barber and is the reason why there are a lot of women who are always looking for a barber that can improve their hair cut.


Another reason why Best barbershop In New York is outstanding is that this is a place where you can get simple tips and tutorials that you can use to protect and enhance the looks of your hair. Aside from this, you will also be able to learn how you can style your hair correctly to bring out the best in you. Some barbers also offer hair coloring services, which can further enhance your looks.



Men’s barber shop NYC is a place where you can have everything that you need to enhance your hairstyle. Some of them even offer other services that are not related to your hair such as manicure and pedicure. In most cases, the barber is a one-stop-shop where you can get everything that you need without spending a lot of time. That is the reason why hair barbers are considered as one of the essential establishments not only for women but also for men who wanted to enhance the way they look.


Bring out the best in you by visiting Men’s haircut New York.


We can help you with everything that you need to look beautiful on all occasions, and you can be assured that you will get nothing but the best.


Whether you are looking to have your hair styled, colored or cut, you will be expecting the best service delivery every time. That means that you have to choose barber that has the potential to deliver services beyond your expectations for a happy you after every barber visit. Only a great barber can meet and surpass your expectations in professionalism. What therefore are the components of a good barber?


The experience - Professional hair stylists are not in the field to step into other areas of interest; they give their best and dedicate their whole lives to the career. Through years of experience, you can be sure to get the best hair treatments, color, style and cut from these professionals. A good Barber New York will even have the beauticians or stylists tested to perfect their expertise in service delivery. Experience is a good virtue.


Ongoing training - Every professional barber owner knows the changing nature of the world of fashion and the same goes to hairstyles and techniques. He will, therefore, prioritize regular training for his stylists to ensure that they are up to date with the latest hair services, procedures and even equipment not forgetting products. Proper in-house training can be all barber needs to offer you excellence, or it can be training outside the barber.

Variety of services - The Best barber in New York will without a doubt offer a wide range of services to cover all client needs. Apart from the hair basics such as styling, cutting and coloring the hair, other services that can be offered by a professional hair salon include scalp treatments, deep conditioning, makeup, pedicure and manicure and even massages among other services. The more the services, the easier it will be to get everything that you need under one roof, and this is important in saving you time and money.


Quality equipment and products - Customer satisfaction should be the most important thing for any professional hair salon. It would mean investing in the best quality hair products and equipment. When using the best of products and hair tools, it becomes easier for the stylists to achieve the best of results with the hair without causing any damages to it. You should even enjoy helpful advice on which hair products are best for your hair type.


Best barbers in NYC


Specialty services - Apart from offering the standard salon services, a good salon will offer much more. Specialty services are essential in ensuring that they can handle any client, including those with requirements to have their ethnic hair or curly hair among others taken care of in the best way possible. With such services, no client is shut out just because he or she has hair that is unique in texture and volume; the pros know just how to handle all types of hair.


Enough stylists - The worst that you can experience is to have to wait in line for hours just because a hair salon does not have enough stylists. An ethical hair salon values every customer and hence will keep up with the growing clientele base by employing more professionals. It makes it possible for you to enjoy the services as soon as you show up.


When looking for Best barbers in New York, you will find out there are many ways to do this such as asking people you are close to. Friends, relatives, and neighbors will be able to tell you information for you about the salons they have used and hair stylists they like. You can even ask someone who you have never met that has a lovely hairstyle that you would like to have yourself. Most people will have no trouble telling you where they get their hair cut because by asking them you are complimenting them.



For finding New York Barbershops, check the phone book to see all the salon listings and what they have to offer to their customers. There is no harm in walking into a hair salon to see what they are like and to see them cutting someone's hair and doing a good job. You can see what the inside of the salon looks like and if it is neat and clean. It is an excellent way to tell if they take their business seriously and do an excellent job of cutting and styling hair. 


You can research hair salons by using the internet to see what other customers have to say about them and if they have a good rating as well. If they are getting good reviews, you may want to try them. The internet will have a listing of hair salons close to your home so that you do not have to drive a long way. That is the best way to find a salon nearby so that you do not drive all over looking for one.

You can enjoy all the salon services with professional hair salons.


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